100 Doors Aliens Space Level 24 Walkthrough
an r2d2 robo moving data from left to right if you press it
4 black square on left side
3×4 square with some blue lights on the right wall :
x o x
o x o
x x o
x o x
cheat hint : you need to turn on all the lights on the right side using left square

100 doors alien space gate 24 solution :
if you order the square from top to bottom : 1 2 3 4 and separate the right squares by columns then you can press :
1st column = 1 3 4, click on the robot
2nd column = 2 3, click on the robot
3rd column = 1 4, click on the robot
when the door open you can obtain the green key and tap the portal to progress for 100 doors alien space stage 25 guide

video help guide :

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