100 Doors of Revenge Level 48 Walkthrough
above door there are some letters :
R in red color
G in green color
B in blue color
there’s a path and hole on right wall
on door there’s a rules :
B > R < G
G > B
3 pile of balls on floor with different colors : red blue green
hint : select the correct ball colors into the hole

level 48 solution :
read the rules and translate them :
Blue and Green is bigger than Red
Green is bigger than Blue
so the order is Green Blue Red

using the 3xR 2xG and 1xB get these balls :
green ball to inventory and put it on the path, then turn your phone or device upside down
so the ball moves into the hole
do it again one more time for the green
change into blue 1x then last 3x for red to open the door

press the green arrow to proceed for level 49

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