stage 2 : 100 doors parallel worlds level 33 walkthrough
a board above door with X2
mat with black and white square color, like chess board
2×3 square symbol on the left and right wall
hint : use the mat to get the correct symbol

level 33 solution :
if you match the carpet to the left symbol, and take the black color you can get 3 symbols :
1. circle
2. star
3. triangle
now x2 which means you must get 6 shape, just look for the same symbol on right

the answer to pass this level is to press on :
1. circle on left (1st row), circle on right (3rd row)
2. star on left (2nd row), star on right (1st row)
3. triangle on left (3rd row), triangle on right (2nd row)
the door will open if you make a correct click

proceed to level 34

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