100 Doors Runaway Level 41 Walkthrough
there are total of 12 buttons around the door :
left : 3 left arrow
top : 3 up arrow
right : 3 left arrow
bottom : 3 down arrow
on the door there’s a line with arrow and a blue arrow that showing the rotation
hint : use the blue arrow as guide to start the direction

100 doors runaway level 41 solution :
you need to rotate your device so the arrow is pointing “DOWN”
look at the branch of each line ? it’s your guide to press the button
so here are the answers :
press the down arrow at bottom start from right to left, you will hear a sound for each press
rotate to the left, press the bottom and top buttons
rotate upside down, press all the buttons
rotate to the left, press the top and bottom buttons
you will have the lift door open
press the green arrow to proceed for stage 42

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