100 Floors World Tour Egypt Level 10 Walkthrough
a lines connecting some circles with color :
blue, green, orange, purple, red
on floor there are some color :
fill of blue circle – outline of blue circle
outline of red circle – fill of yellow circle – outline of yellow circle
cheat hint : use the color combination

100 floors world tour egypt floor 10 solution :
first you must remember there are 3 balls that you got from previous stage :
red – blue – yellow
you will use them to fill on the circle
look on the circles color, there are 2 primary color : red and blue
the rest are the color combination that you can get from :
green = yellow + blue
orange = red + yellow
purple = red + blue
first you need to remove more spot using the primary color, then continue to removing the color combination
and finally place on the red, blue, yellow, circle around the middle circle
and you can open the door with the button that will appear in the middle
just follow the step on the video if you still confused
proceed for 100 floors world tour egypt level 11 answer when the dor open

video cheat guide :

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