100 Inferno Escape Level 28 Walkthrough
5 white line with different shape on top of the door
on door there are 3 x 3 square piece that you can press for another pattern shape
a triangle button on left side
cheat hint : use the line shape as guide to press on the square

100 inferno escape floor 28 solution :
you must make the line shape from left to right, press these x :
1. L shape :
x o o
x o o
x x x
then tap the triangle, and it will move up

2. L shape 90 degree :
x x x
x o o
o o o
click the triangle button


3. inverted L shape :
x x x
x o o
x o o
press the triangle button

4. 90 degree L shape :
x x x
o o x
o o x
tap the triangle and the door will open
progress for 100 inferno escape stage 29 answer by clicking the green arrow

video guide :

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