100 Toilets Level 58 Walkthrough
there’s a black panel monitor on door that you must enter 2 code
on the toilet side there’s a book
hint : find the first code on toilet paper and the second from the book

100 toilets toilet 58 solution :
go to toilet side and press the toilet paper
you can see 4 different star shape
look on the middle line of each star, you can find hidden numbers : 8534
this is password number 1

open the book on the toilet
the left side look familiar, it’s the level select screen
find the numbers for star, lightning bolt ,heart and crescent
star = 6
lightning bolt = 10
heart = 15
crescent = 17
now solve the symbol on right using the numbers you have
you will have passcode 2 : 1070

back to the door and press the code I and code II
when both accepted you will have the door open
move on for next level 59 toilet

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