On can you escape level 10 walkthrough you can a single room with :
small pot with plant, vent and stepladder
elevator door with number 10
chair, table, and white box
hint : find 2 rings to put on the left slot to the elevator

can you escape level 10 solution
tap the table on the right and get :
green pencil near pot
drill bit on the tea cup

click the stepladder and get a white paper
click the vent on top left to open it
place the paper at the bottom and click the hole in the middle where you can see the yellow key
put the pencil so the key drop to the paper
obtain the key to inventory

use the key to open the box on the right wall
get the binoculars
look on the right wall above the table, use the binoculars to see what behind the bars
there are numbers : 12 8 5

press under the right table whre you can see 3 round objects with number
change the number into 12 8 and 5
get the object

open the white chestbox and get a drill
on your inventory, combine the drill bit and drill
click the plant on the left wall near the door
there’s a picture with X, it’s the location where you need to make a hole
tap the area which is bottom left to the elevator
use the drill and look inside for 3 colors : 2 blue 2 yellow 2 green

click the left plant pot near red carpet
input the colors and get the ring

click the broken spot on the left wall
place both rings and the lift door will slide open
press it so you can go to stage 11

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