From can you escape level 4 walkthrough you can find :
a digital number 4 and lift in the middle
on left side :
a wooden curtain, fridge with cactus plant on top, a kitchen set
on right side :
a keyhole, a shelf with 4 bottles
blue pot and purple flowers, a table with pizza
box, 2 chairs and smallround table
hint : get the key inside the hatch on floor

can you escape level 4 solution
click the bottle on right shelf and remember the color order :
blue – red – yellow – green

press the wine shelf with 4 circle on the left and input the color to open
get a corkscrew inside


click the blue pot with purple flowers to move it
open it with corkscrew and get a knife
use the knife to cut off the rope on box
and open it for flashlight
tap the red chair on the right and drag it out to get a battery

on your inventory select battery then the flashlight
it will be combined and the flashlight will turn on

tap the left curtain and take the string with knife
look on the floor and tap the hatch
use the corkscrew to open, use flashlight to see the key
use the string to get the key
click the key and put it on the keyhole on the right
the color will change from red to green
tap the elevator to move for stage 5

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