Inside can you escape level 6 walkthrough you can see :
lvl 6 and lift door on the middle
on left side :
cactus, boat on top of table cabinet
horn and scale, pitchfork, wood pile
keyhole and green frog paint
on right side :
vase and plant
cabinet and red car
hint : get the key under the horn using the weight

can you escape level 6 solution
tap the vase and plants on right
get a yellow stick
tap the square on top right to see blue 2

tap the cabinet on left, get a yellow car jack underneath
take a good look on the box with numbers
change the * into the correct number :
168 = 12 x 14
* 2 * = 6 – 2 – 7
* 2 1 * = 3 2 – 1 7
tap the rectangle to get a blue weight


on inventory
select the yellow stick and tap the car jack to combine
click the red car and use the car jack to lift the car
get a red weight

look on the green frog on left wall, remember the yellow 2
lvl 6 in the middle, green 6
pick up the basket on right shelf, red 6
click the shelf and input 266
open the door and get green weight

click the horn on the left and tap the scale
put on the wight on the correct color
click the rectangle under the horn
get a red key and put it in the left keyhole
press the elevator door and move to stage 7

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