For can you escape level 8 walkthrough you can find 3 side :
middle room with black shelf, panel, yellow trash can, lift door number 8, clock, table
left room with speaker box, tv and table
right room with red small bike, sofa, ipad, small table with yellow lamp, horse picture
hint : find numbers and shape to input to the panel

can you escape level 8 solution
click the yellow trashcan for CD
press the black shelf on left and get a remote tv
tap the clock and get a charger on right side

go to right room
click the bike, and get a handle
put the handle on the right table drawer
get a black phone, inside inventory you can see no battery icon
press the horse picture and tap it to see numbers : 7528

go to left room
click the speaker and plug in the charger
connect it with the phone to see 4 number : 3462

click the dvd player, input 4 numbers : 7528
and put in the cd, go back then use the remote on the TV
tap it to change the animal pictures :
4 kangaroo
6 penguin
3 cat
2 shark

go to right room
click the ipad on couch
input 4 6 on top and 3 2 on bottom
you will see 4 shape

go to middle room
click the panel left to the lift
input 3462 and the red circle will turn into green
change the shape into :
circle – star – triangle – square
go back and you will have the elevator door open
proceed to stage 9

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