Dooors 2 Level 27 Walkthrough
a pentagram with candles on floor
2 hatches on left and right wall
3 red bars above the door
hint : light up the candles with 3 correct shape

dooors 2 stage 27 solution :
click the right hatch and slide the door up
get a match box to inventory
click the left hatch and slide the door down to see 3 shape that you need to make
use the match to light on the candles so each red light turn into green :
1st shape : 4 candles light up, not the top right
2nd shape : only the bottom left candle light up
3rd shape : all candles light up
use fire extinguisher to put out the fire to make a new shape
when all 3 red bars turned into green, press the door to open
move to level 28

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