Escape the Mansion Level 64 Walkthrough
4×4 square with a big red button on center and a red ball that moving following the line on the square
5 different shape on floor
cheat hint : match the shape on floor with the one on square

escape the mansion stage 64 solution :
tap the red button when the ball moves on the correct square shape using the order from floor
1st shape = 2nd row – 1st column
2nd shape = 4th row – 2nd column
3rd shape = 4th row – 3rd column
4th shape = 1st row – 3rd column
5th shape = 2nd row – 4th column
to make it easier for you to see it, just use the numbers :
x x 4 x
1 x x 5
x x x x
x 2 3 x
when you finish, the door will open and you can go to escape the mansion nivel 65 answer

video help guide escape the mansion beta niveau 64 :
escape the mansion level 64 via youtube

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