Let’s Escape Level 1 Walkthrough
on this room you can see a green door in the middle :
left side : bird pictures on wall, sofa with pillow, small table lamp
right side : laptop on desk, bookshelf on the wall
cheat hint : find cd for computer and use the birds as code so you can find the clue for the 5×5 circle

lets escape stage 1 solution :
press the green pillow on sofa for key that you can use to open the small table drawer for CD
put in the CD on laptop, now you’ll need to enter the 4 digit of code
count the birds numbers on each photo then use it as code for the laptop
the computer screen will show you the white star position
click on the right book shelf and tap the correct circle for white star
get the yellow key and open the door
proceed to let’s escape stage 2 answer

video help guide :

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