Let’s Escape Level 10 Walkthrough
a living room with :
left side :
TV with 2 stereo set on top of the cabinet
a coat and hat hanger
right side :
fish tank, sofa and table
cheat hint : find a CD to play

lets escape stage 10 solution :
get a magnet under the sofa’s pillow
tap the ashtray on table for paper
tap the hat to find a string that you combine with magnet
use the magnet on fish tank for a screwdriver tip

tap the stereo box right foot for a complete screwdriver
use the screwdriver to open the hatch on right wall near sofa where you can find the flower
get the key from the flower
open the left cabinet drawer with this key for a blue book
using the shape from paper, find 4 correct letters for numbers

use the number as code to open right cabinet drawer and get the CD
place it on the cd player and tap the tv for 4 flower
remember the flower color

back to right cabinet drawer and change the black rectangle to match flower color
get the red key and open the door
continue for let’s escape stage 11 answer

video help guide :

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