Let’s Escape Level 11 Walkthrough
a cabinet and christmas tree on left side
a snowman toy, sofa and picture on right side
cheat hint : find the clue to open the drawer on wall and look for the correct present box inside the drawer

lets escape stage 11 solution :
tap the cabinet to get a key from sleigh toy
use the key to open the 2nd cabinet drawer and get a toy
also open the 3rd drawer for a small bottle

tap the snowman hat to get a paper
open the paper and use the bottle on the paper to reveal some clue

move the pillow on sofa to get a hammer head
combine it with a stick from the christmas tree
open the toy from inventory and use the hammer to break the toy
look at the coin number : 1611


use the number to open the top cabinet on left wall
if you remember the clue on the paper, you must open the correct gift box :
o o o o
o o o o
o x o o
o o o o

look at the box with 4 circle color :
yellow green red blue

find some ball with these color all over the room :
4 yellow balls on sofa pillow
5 red balls on christmas tree
2 green balls on snowman eyes
3 blue balls on cabinet doll

change 0000 into : 4 2 5 3 and get a silver key
open the door with this key
proceed for let’s escape niveau 11 answer

lets escape nivel 11 video help guide :

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