Let’s Escape Level 13 Walkthrough
a bedroom with :
small table lamp, bed, and board picture on left side
white cabinet and mirror table on right side
cheat hint : find the code for lamp on behind the picture board and the lamp drawer on cabinet

lets escape stage 13 solution :
open the mirror table drawer and get a cutter, tap the bed and left pillow for the handle
use the cutter on the right pillow for a key

open the lamp table drawer to get a light bulb
place the bulb on lamp, now you can switch into 2 color : red and yellow
tap the picture on left wall and look the code color behind it :
yellow red yellow black red yellow red black

now do the order color for the lamp
to get yellow you must press yellow button
to get red you must press red button
to get black you must turn off the lamp


when you finish you can get the key to open the right cabinet
on the hanger you can see 4 hanger with :
square – line – hexagon – triangle

count the point of each shape for the code of lamp 2nd drawer :
square = 4
line = 1
hexagon = 6
triangle = 3
open the drawer and pick up the screwdriver

open the right cabinet and tap the bottom side to see a hatch
open the hatch using screwdriver, now you can see some circles that you can tap to change the color into black

look on the mirror for the board color hint, you must change the circle inside cabinet into :
B – W – B – W
W – B – W – B
B – W – B – W
W – B – W – B

grab the key and open door, proceed for let’s escape niveau 14 answer

lets escape nivel 13 video help guide :

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