Let’s Escape Level 4 Walkthrough
a kid’s room with :
bed on left side
a tricycle, closet, shelf and cabinet on right side
cheat hint : find a tool to open the left side inside closet door and look for the items with correct colors

lets escape stage 4 solution :
get 2 battery from :
1. pillow on bed
2. ball between the closet and cabinet

find a key under the bear doll and open the right drawer for tape
open the drawer right door for projector and put in the batteries on bottom side and tape on top side
tap the top projector so it will show you 4 numbers
enter the numbers on the middle closet drawer to get a hammer
open the left closet door and use the hammer

find out the colors for each items on this room :
green – red – purple – orange

get the pencil from the bike’s wheel and use it on the book on the right shelf to reveal some clue for red color

change the symbols for each colors to the correct items so you can get the purple key
move to let’s escape stage 5 answer

video help guide :