Let’s Escape Level 5 Walkthrough
a kitchen room with :
painting on left wall, table chairs and fridge on left side
oven and kitchen stove set on right side
cheat hint : find 4 coins and keycard to open the door

lets escape stage 5 solution :
first find these 3 coins :
1. on right washbin
2. on left painting
3. on top of the exhaust cabinet
tap the chair on left table to get cloth
open the bottom drawer from right cabinet for knife
use the knife on the bread to get a key
use the key to open the top cabinet door for paper
find a chocolate from fridge

open the oven and place the chocolate inside
tap it for the 4th coin and clean the brown paper with cloth to see the code
enter the numbers on top drawer on cabinet and get the key card
put in both keycard and coins on the door to open
go to let’s escape stage 6 answer

video help guide :

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