Let’s Escape Level 6 Walkthrough
an office room with :
couch on left side with table and bird painting on wall
table desk with computer and cabinet shelf on right side
cheat hint : find out the usb and sdcard and the code from paper

lets escape stage 6 solution :
find the key under the pillow and get paper from ashtray table
tap the right book on the shelf for sd card
open the 2nd table drawer from right desk to get a usb

open bottom left cabinet door with key and get a bottle
use the bottle on the paper under the book from the desk to reveal numbers
find the correct number of code with the paper from ashtray
plug in the usb to the computer, tap the puzzle and enter the code from paper

complete the bird puzzle for 3 code numbers
enter the code into the bottom right table drawer and get the silver key
progress to let’s escape stage 7 answer

video help guide :

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