Let’s Escape Level 7 Walkthrough
an doctor office room with :
white closet and whiteboard on left side
skeleton, table, window and picture on right side
cheat hint : find the tablet and sdcard for the key location on skeleton

lets escape stage 7 solution :
go to the whiteboard to find a key and 1st paper
find a small box inside drawer on right table
use the key to open the right table door for a wrench and 2nd paper
combine the paper code to open the left drawer to get an ipad tablet

open the closet for the order of chemical bottle color :
yellow – red – blue – pink – green

look at the chemical tube color on table :
blue – yellow
pink – green

open the box to find sdcard and connect it to ipad
now tap on the position of the tube color on ipad then it will show you the position of key on the skeleton
use the wrench on the skeleton spine and get the gold key to open the door
go for let’s escape stage 8 answer

video help guide :

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