Let’s Escape Level 8 Walkthrough
an artist room with :
3 painting on wall, table desk and plant on left side
chair and canvas on right side
cheat hint : reveal the code from canvas and use the ball and palette color for the safe box behind paintng

lets escape stage 8 solution :
get the box on the plant, scissors from left table drawer
use scissors open the box for key
open the top table drawer with the key and pick up the bottle
find the cloth under the chair cushion
tap the paper on the canvas and use the bottle + cloth on the red rectangle
you will find 4 code for the smiley box to get numbers

get pliers handle behind the canvas
enter the numbers on the table drawer and get a complete pliers
use the pliers on the left painting
remember the ball color on the table, then look at the color palette for the order
tap the circle code on the safe box and get the purple key

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video help guide :

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