Let’s Escape Level 9 Walkthrough
a relaxing room with :
treadmill and trampoline on floor with dartboard on the left wall
a pool table with balls and stick on right side
cheat hint : solve the code from billiards balls from the table

lets escape stage 9 solution :
get a cutter holder on the hole next to red ball
look at the arrow from dartboard for number code
enter these numbers on treadmill
tap the treadmill for the complete cutter
use the cutter on trampoline to find a key
open the right cabinet door with this key, get the pliers
look at the pool ball color inside the cabinet and pool table to connect the line and find 4 numbers

with pliers cut on the dartboard and open the safebox using the ball number as code
get the green key and open the door
move for let’s escape stage 10 answer

video help guide :

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