The Floor Escape Level 13 Walkthrough
7 photo hanging on the rope, the picture is about sea, flower, orange
on left and right wall there’s also a picture about flower and tree
on the floor there are 3 crates
on the left crate there’s a blue paper and on the right crate there’s a yellow paper
on both paper there’s a 0 number that you can change by pressing
hint : count how many blue and yellow color on the photos

100 floors escape level 13 solution :
for blue color we have : sky and sea
so the picture are : 1st 2nd 6th 7th hanging photos and 1 on the left wall
for yellow color we have : flower and orange
so the picture are : 2nd 3rd 4th 5th hanging photos and 1 on the left wall
you also need to count the flowers
so change the numbers on crate :
blue = 5
yellow = 6
the elevator door will open and you can click the green arrow
proceed for stage 14

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