The Floor Escape Level 60 Walkthrough
a white ball above the door
2 photo on left and right : road and cat
a red cloth on the floor
there are 2 button on floor :
left : green
right : red
hint : reveal the help guide behind the picture

100 floors escape level 60 solution :
pick up the red cloth and select it
swipe the left and right picture to make it gone and you will see :
left : 3 green ball
right : 2 right ball
shake your phone or device to make the white ball drop
tilt the your phone to move the ball into the button using the small ball color as the guide

the answer is you must move the ball to button with color :
1. green
2. red
3. green
4. red
5. green
then the lift door will open
proceed to stage 61 by pressing the green arrow

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