You Must Escape Level 10 Walkthrough
you’re inside pyramid room with :
3 vases and box, anubis on left side
man with bird head, table and pillars on right side
a coffin in the middle and door
hint : complete the eyes on right table

you must escape level 10 solution :
tap the coffin and press the symbol on correct order :
5 8 7
4 6 1
3 2 9
get a yellow staff

click the vase on left for shovel
press left wall with butterfly symbol, use shovel on it
get a stick and remember the color of each statue necklace :
red – yellow – green – blue

tap the pillars and change the color like the statue
get a yellow item and place it on right statue
tap the left statue and place the staff on the hand


press the door floor, get a blue circle
click the floor on right statue, get an eye item

press the right table
place the eye, blue circle and stick on the spot
click it so the table open with key

take it and open the door

proceed to you must escape stage 11 cheats

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