You Must Escape Level 13 Walkthrough
blackboard, table, chair and bookshelf on left side
map, telescope, ladder and bookshelf on right side
hint : clean the blackboard formula to find the numbers for the books

you must escape level 13 solution :
first you need to find the missing ladder steps by finding 2 sticks :
1. on the black board
2. on the telescope

click the ladder and place the sticks on the missing steps
go up and pick up the knife

tap the left table, and use the knife to get the lens from the glasses
click the telescope and put the lens, then you can see a globe with U.S.A
get the water bottle on the corner of the bookshelf on right side

click on the table drawer on left side
change the FFF into USA, get a yellow cloth
combine the yellow cloth with the bottle

press the black board and swipe it, you will find the numbers
tap on the left bookshelf and click on 5-6-4-7 to highlights the book numbers for the answers
get a screwdriver

click under the right bookshelf and open the vent screws using screwdriver
obtain the key and use it on the door to open

move to you must escape stage 14 cheats

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