You Must Escape Level 14 Walkthrough
a hospital room with :
microscope, and first aid box on left side
monitor and table for toos on right side
a bed in the center with lamp and infusion bottles
hint : count the microbs branch from microscope and use it on the lamp lights

you must escape level 14 solution :
get a blue bottle from right table
look under the right monitor, there’s a key on floor
use the key to open the left first aid box and get a syringe

combine the syringe with the blue bottle
use the syringe on the microscope on the left and get a duct tape
look on the microscope for 4 cells with shape : Y H I X
The things in the microscope aren’t letters they are numbers, based on the number of points they have :
Y = 3
H = 8
I = 2
X = 4

Go to the light and switch on numbers 3, 8, 2 and 4 in that order assuming that the top light is number 1 and you count them clockwise from there.
The center light will turn green, go to the bed and the pillow will have letters on that make up a word, that word is what you type in the keypad

click the cable on right wall bottom part, use the duct tape to fix and connect the cable
change the AAAA letters in the monitor into HELP and the door will open

continue to you must escape stage 15 cheats

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