You Must Escape Level 15 Walkthrough
on left side there are some desk, chair, lamp
on right side there are note picture, toolbox, cabinet and piano
clue hint : find the key on top of the cabinet, you need to find out 2 code

you must escape level 15 solution :
click the music scale on the right and fix the puzzle to make a complete picture
now look at the “dot” note lines position :
1st note = 1
2nd note = 3
3rd note = 5
4th note = 2

enter these numbers to open the safe behind the music tone picture, get a wire cutter
look at the tolbox under the picture, use the wire cutter to cut the lock open and obtain a crowbar
click under the piano, you must use the crowbar on the middle pedal and get the key
select the key and press the cabinet to open, get 2 items :
matches box on top and extension cord on the middle


use the matches to light up all candles above the piano, remember the BEETHOVEN
press the table on the left and use the extension cord to the cable
now you can turn o the lamp and remember the numbers on the paper : 1770

click the statue on top of the cabinet on top right
enter BEETHOVEN for the text code and 1770 for the number code
get the key right to the statue and open the door

video answer guide

proceed to you must escape stage 16 cheats

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